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Northey nails it in Waukesha

Northey nails it in Waukesha

June 27th Waukesha Criterium

Mike 2nd, Jason 4th
Mike 3rd Overall

Tonight we pushed through some fatigue to finish up our month long racing trip with the hopes of placing Mike on the podium in the Tour of America’s Dairyland overall omnium. Starting two points shy of 3rd place, we were chopping at the bit on the start line. With six corners and very rough pavement, in addition to narrow roads and a considerable tailwind on the main straight, we knew a break would go. Over the line the first time, it did. Jason and Mike jumped in and the 8man group rolled off with Karl Menzies and Hilton Clarke of United Healthcare as Roman and Ben cruised the front of the pack to mitigate bridge attempts. Taylor was implicated in an early crash when a rider in front went down but he jumped back in after a neutral lap. At the 60 minute mark, the break lapped the field and the preme sprints started. Roman lead out Ben for the first sprint successfully, but to the discomfort of Jason and Mike who were just getting situated. Roman quickly moved back to help the guys move up while Ben covered the front, with Taylor sitting in the wings a few wheels back. A crash at the front of field along a narrow section of road implicated Ben and he was unable to continue. Now with four riders, the boys controlled the front and set it up for an excellent finale. Sparing with the UHC train, Jason railed the final downhill tailwind corner and launched Northey up between Clarke and Menzies. Menzies took it at the line after the bouncy surface made for difficult sprinting conditions, Northey slotting in 2nd. Clarke went 3rd with Jason held out for 4th. Roman pressed to the line after dedicating himself to the early leadout and finished 16th ish. Another solid day of racing today!

The guys were very happy to get Mike up the podium in the overall. He is riding very well, as are all of us and we are looking forward to some recovery time back in Portland before Delta, Boise and Cascade in July.

Thanks again to our amazing homestays this week. Patricia and Jamie Young, Patricia came out to the feed zone on Thursday and both of them came out throughout the week and took all the photos that you have seen of the event. Their hospitality exceeded our wildest expectations and we hope to stay here again next year if Dairyland is on the calendar.

See you all back in Portland, perhaps at PIR on Tuesday. Ride on!

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