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Chaddock leads in Delta

Chaddock leads in Delta

1st Ben Chaddock (Rubicon-Orbea)
2nd Svein Tuft (Garmin-Transitions)
3rd Ryan Anderson (Kelly Benefit Strategies)

Today the first stage of the Tour de Delta took place in North Delta, British Columbia featuring a short 3km prologue time trial. After traveling up to Canada on Thursday and enjoying the sights and sounds on a team ride on friday morning with one of our generous homestays, Curtis, the team was very excited to get the race underway. After a random start list placed all the Rubicon-Orbea riders within 15 minutes of one another, approximately halfway through the 104 rider field, there was a great level of camaraderie as riders in the start were motivated by other posting fastest provisional times.

The late evening event started at 7.15pm, with 1 rider leaving the start ramp every thirty seconds, completing the 3km loop in approximately 4 minutes. There was a good size crowd and a lot of young riders sporting wrist bands after the team helpled out at the Kids Race. The Livestrong chalk was a big hit too!

Halfway through the event, Taylor Gunman posted the fastest provisional time of 3.53. He said he was happy with his ride and rode the corners well. Just as they announced Taylor’s provisional position, Ben Chaddock lined up for the start. Ben did a great ride and came through a few minutes later to post a 3.47. With some of the top riders in Canada still to go, he was hoping to hold on for a top five but was elated when his time remained at the top through the conclusion of the event

“I thought for sure that I would hold onto a top 3 but couldn’t believe it when I heard the good news. Just like a lot of the top guys, this is my home race so it was very special to have friends and family out last night to celebrate the victory. My Dad was there to send me off at the start and bring me home at the finish so it was great to share the bumbly with him afterwards. My teammates were also a big part of the performance as we’ve all trained very hard and pushed one another since I joined them just six weeks ago. My teammates from last year, Scott Laliberte and Julian Base were also there to make the evening a special moment.”

“When I was in the start gate, Taylor ripped across the line setting the provisional best time at 3.53 (12th) so when I came through at 3.47, I knew I had done a great time. Taylor now sits in 2nd place in the young riders competition, 1 second out of 2009 2nd place prologue finisher Jesse Reams (Garneau Evolution). That’s going to be a battle.”

After that the scoreboard got very tight and everyone was split up by hundredths of a second. Roman went 16th @ 3.55; Jason 34th @ 4.00; Mike 36th @ 4.00 and the other times are unknown at this time.


Tomorrow night is another big race so its time to go!

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